The appropriate strategy to Uncover Hidden Cat Pee and Get Rid of the Odor (Step-By-Step Info)

How to Find Hidden Cat Pee and Get Rid of the Smell (Step-By-Step Guide)

The appropriate strategy to Uncover Hidden Cat Pee and Get Rid of the Odor (Step-By-Step Info)

As cat householders, everyone knows the horrific odor that cat pee leaves. Cat urine has a strong ammonia odor that is pretty pungent, and should you can’t discover the crime scene, the odor can shortly take over your personal dwelling.

Cat pee contains micro organism, which give off the ammonia odor. As time goes by, the second stage of decomposition takes place and the mercaptans throughout the cat’s urine will begin to odor like a skunk’s spray.

On this step-by-step data, we’ll concentrate on the easiest strategies to hunt out hidden cat pee and the best way to put off the odor as quickly as you have bought found it.

How to Find Hidden Cat Pee and Get Rid of the Smell (Step-By-Step Guide)
The appropriate strategy to Uncover Hidden Cat Pee and Get Rid of the Odor (Step-By-Step Info)


Sooner than you start

The 1st step is uncover your cat’s urine. If the urine is dry, it is more durable to hunt out. We think about that the most effective methods to hunt out cat urine is to utilize UV black lamps. These flashlights illuminate pet stains so you could get started on eradicating the stain and odor.

When searching for a UV blacklight, seek for one with a wavelength of 365 to 385 nanometers. One thing stronger than that won’t detect cat urine.

If you happen to can’t buy a UV blacklight, you’ll have to rely in your nostril to hunt out the spot (or spots). Seek for any areas you assume your cat will go to, just like a nook of the mattress room or the side of the mattress you sleep on. You moreover want to confirm your furnishings and laundry baskets. Nooks and crannies in your home are sometimes favorite areas for cats who do not want their householders to hunt out their mishaps.

Step-by-step data to put off the odor


Now that you’ve found the cat urine, it’s time to get the stain and odor off, pronto. As a rule of thumb, the sooner the upper, so let’s get started.

1. Blot the realm

As quickly as you have bought found the stain and odor, try and wipe up as so much urine as potential with a transparent materials. Merely an FYI, this step solely applies to up to date stains.

2. Rinse the stain

Pour clear water over the stain to saturate the realm. Then use a moist and dry vacuum to suck up the liquid. It is essential to not use a steam cleaner proper right here as heat will set the stain, leaving it utterly in place.

3. Use an enzymatic cleaner

Enzymatic cleaners, just like Hepper Superior Bio Enzyme Pet Stain and Odor Eliminator Spray, will break down the stain and take away it from the ground along with the odor. Enzymes embrace useful micro organism that eat the molecules in cat urine, eliminating the stain and odor for good.

These cleaners are moreover good for stopping your cat from repeatedly soiling the similar house. You in all probability have laborious flooring, make sure that the product is safe to utilize in your flooring.

Totally different methods to put off cat pee odor

Whereas enzymatic cleaners are the easiest selections for eradicating cat stains and odors, it is potential you may not have one available. If you happen to want to get a head start on the stain, attempt these DIY methods.

Sprinkle baking powder

Baking soda is great at absorbing odors, along with cat urine. Merely sprinkle baking soda on the realm and depart it on for half-hour to an hour. Then vacuum the realm.

It is potential you may should repeat this until the odor is gone. You might as properly depart the baking soda on the stain in a single day. Whenever you depart it for an extended time interval, you presumably can place aluminum foil over the realm to take care of your cat away from the realm until you have bought vacuumed.


Vinegar can neutralize the odor of cat urine because of its acidity: Mix 1 half vinegar and 1 half water in a twig bottle. Completely saturate the stain, let it sit for a few minutes, after which blot the reply with a transparent materials or rag. Repeat if obligatory.

Do not use bleach

As tempting as it’d sound, bleach is the worst product to utilize for cat pee because of bleach contains ammonia, which is current in cat pee. Mixing the two collectively can launch a poisonous gasoline; moreover, it supplies to the horrible odor.

Resolve the set off

As we talked about, in case your cat is urinating outdoor of the litter area, it’s obligatory to hunt out the premise set off. A go to to the vet is also warranted to rule out medical points just like a urinary tract an an infection or hyperthyroidism.

If there aren’t any medical factors, it might very properly be behavioral factors. Widespread behavioral factors embody marking their territory, having a unclean litter area, not liking the litter area itself, or not having adequate litter containers within the dwelling. As a traditional rule, you need to have a further litter area for each cat. As an illustration, if in case you’ve gotten two cats, you must three litter containers.

On a regular basis have a transparent litter area to your cat. If the litter area simply is not clear, your cat will greater than possible not use it. Scooping out the litter area as quickly as a day is an outstanding technique to take care of the litter area clear.