How Many Cows Are in Wisconsin? (2022 Alternate)

milk containers outside the factory

It’s potential you’ll know that Wisconsin is thought for cheese, however are you conscious that it’s the second largest state in all the nation in relation to exploit manufacturing? Wisconsin cows produce 2.44 billion kilos of milk each month! Nonetheless what number of cows are there in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin has been residence to dairy farms for over 180 years. Most of those are household owned and operated. Just about 1 / 4 of the nation’s dairy farms are positioned in Wisconsin alone.

Examine on for additional information concerning the cows on this state.

What number of dairy cows are there in Wisconsin?

There are 11,200 dairy farms in Wisconsin. This means Wisconsin is residence to 1,276,000 dairy cows. Every farm has about 195 dairy cows.

Day-after-day, every dairy cow produces 67 kilos of milk.

What about beef?

Along with dairy manufacturing, Wisconsin furthermore produces beef. Surprisingly, there are additional beef than dairy farms contained in the state. With 14,800 beef cattle farms in Wisconsin, the state is residence to three.5 million cattle.

How Masses Cheese Is Produced in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is the primary cheese-producing state contained in the nation. It has additional licensed cheesemakers than one different state, with a tally of 1,200. It ranks first contained in the manufacturing of cheddar, American, brick, mozzarella, muenster and Limburg cheeses, nonetheless it produces increased than 600 varieties and kinds of cheese.

In 2020, Wisconsin produced 3.39 million kilos of cheese! Collectively, mozzarella and cheddar accounted for increased than half of the cheese manufacturing at 54%. Half of all specialty cheeses come from Wisconsin.

What’s the Largest Dairy Farm in Wisconsin?

The Rosendale Dairy Farm is a crucial in Wisconsin. It’s residence to eight,400 cows and produces 78,000 gallons of milk day-after-day.

The farm is positioned in Pickett, Wisconsin. It affords group excursions so you possibly can see how the farm works.

How Masses Cash Does Wisconsin Dairy Make?

The Wisconsin dairy commerce is additional worthwhile than the blended worth of Florida citrus and Idaho potatoes. It generates $45.6 billion yearly and boosts the financial system by creating 154,000 jobs. Wisconsin’s state and native taxes obtain $1.26 billion yearly from the dairy commerce.

Which metropolis is the cheese capital?

Whereas Wisconsin is the Dairy Capital of the World, one amongst its cities has been named Cheese Capital of the World.

Plymouth, Wisconsin, is residence to numerous cheese makers, akin to Sargento, Good Lakes, and Masters Gallery. About 15% of the cheese eaten throughout the US has handed by means of Plymouth.

Which state produces additional milk than Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is the second foremost state contained in the nation by the use of milk manufacturing. So, which one is first?

California is perhaps basically probably the most milk producing state! The dairy cows produce increased than 4 billion kilos of milk yearly.

The perfect 5 milk producing states throughout the US are:

  • California: 40 billion kilos a 12 months
  • Wisconsin: £30 billion a 12 months
  • Idaho: 15 billion kilos a 12 months
  • New York: 15 billion kilos a 12 months
  • Texas: 13 billion kilos a 12 months

Does Wisconsin Produce Goat Milk?

Along with dairy cows, the dairy goat commerce in Wisconsin can be thriving. There are 74,000 dairy goats in Wisconsin. The state ranks first in goat milk manufacturing contained in the nation.

Why Does Wisconsin Produce So Masses Cheese?

Early Wisconsin dairy farmers chosen to make cheese due to it had an extended shelf life than milk or butter. Cheese was a better choice for manufacturing due to storage and transportation had been restricted. The primary cheese manufacturing facility was established in 1841 by Anne Pickett, who used milk from her neighbor’s farm to provide the cheese.

Over time, cheese makers have made enhancements in cheese manufacturing and began educating farmers on the appropriate strategies.

Which state has the least variety of dairy cows?

Alaska has the fewest cows, with solely 300 contained in the state. It’s residence to 1 dairy farm, so Alaska produces solely 2.8 million kilos of milk per 12 months. As in distinction, Wisconsin has 8,500 circumstances additional farms and California produces 14,433 circumstances additional milk!

What Are the Widespread Cow Races Seen in Wisconsin?

Cattle breeds embody:

  • Angus
  • Hereford
  • shorthorn
  • limousine
  • Maine Anjou

Dairy cow breeds embody:

It’s possible you’ll even see these breeds on the Wisconsin State Reliable at livestock occasions.


It is no marvel Wisconsin ranks second contained in the nation by the use of dairy manufacturing. With increased than 1 million dairy cows, the state produces increased than 2 billion kilos of milk yearly. Along with cows, it furthermore produces goat milk, which ranks first in goat milk manufacturing contained in the nation. There are increased than 3 million beef cattle in Wisconsin, with 14,800 beef cattle farms contained in the state. Once you go to Wisconsin, be sure you revenue from every half this state has to provide!